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Nektar Impact LX Mini 25-key Keyboard Controller

Nektar Impact LX Mini 25-key Keyboard Controller


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SKU#: sp9880

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ake Your Impact LX Mini on the Road!

If you want the power of the Impact LX+ series without the extra keys and faders, the LX Mini is for you. Based on the award-winning Panorama and LX49+/LX61+ before it, the Nektar Impact LX Mini USB MIDI controller uses intelligent mapping to give you hands-on control of your DAW session. Take advantage of the instrument mode to take control over parameters in your DAW and virtual instruments. The Impact LX Mini's synth-action keys give you a smooth, precise feel. In fact, all controls on the LX Mini — including the knobs and performance pads — feel great. At Sweetwater, we especially enjoy the Part 2 feature that allows you to shift octaves, transpose, layer octaves, or switch to differing MIDI channels.

The keyboard controller done right

The Impact LX Mini's 25-note velocity-sensitive keyboard sports a silky synth action with firm tension. This makes it perfect for playing just about any type of part. To suit your playing style, you get four velocity curves that gradually increase in dynamics. For certain types of synth parts requiring consistent output, there are three fixed velocities. The octave and transpose buttons appear in the dedicated Part 2 section.

Ample control capabilities

Nektar hit it big with their Panorama range. Now they've done it again - at a more affordable price. The streamlined Impact series of controllers offers intelligent mapping and tight integration with most popular DAWs, preset mixer and plug-in modes, transport and navigation controls, MIDI programming capabilities.

Includes Bitwig 8-Track DAW software

From sketching and arranging musical ideas to final mixdown and even live performance, Bitwig DAW software gives you a powerful toolset and fast workflow. The Nektar Impact LX Mini comes with Bitwig 8-Track DAW software, which features the entire collection of Bitwig Studio devices for use on up to eight project tracks with audio or MIDI. Take it from Sweetwater - when you're looking for a streamlined, distraction-free work platform, Bitwig is hard to beat.

Nektar Impact LX Mini 25-key USB MIDI Controller Features:

  • 25-key USB MIDI controller with intelligent mapping for major DAWs
  • Comes pre-mapped and configured so you don't have to spend hours assigning MIDI controls
  • DAW integration with Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Digital Performer, Garageband, Logic Pro, Nuendo, Reason, SONAR, Studio One, FL Studio, and Reaper (includes Bitwig 8-Track)
  • 8 performance pads (assignable Green/Orange/Yellow/Red) can easily be assigned to MIDI notes or messages
  • 4 pad maps give you a total of 32 possible note assignments
  • 8 control pots give you lots of hands-on control
  • Full transport controls
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